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November 18, 2010
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This photo is my favourite from the pics I took of Utrecht in fog. This was taken from nearly the same place as where the police checked up on me.

It reminded me of the movie The Others, and once I realised that I couldn't think of a different title.

Only editting done is reducing the noise with noiseware and I upped the satuarion a bit. The blurryness comes from the fog.
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Queen-Kitty Nov 23, 2010   Photographer
This is lovely, it looks a bit like a painting! Very moody :)
White-Hellion Nov 20, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
You have a great eye for locations, as well as beautiful eyes!
Eluinn Nov 18, 2010  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
This is very nice. It's sppoky and mysterious, the sepia tones play into an olden or dark theme. Perhaps just a little bit less blurring so we could see a few more shapes would have been better, but it is still a gorgeous picture.
I'm afraid I couldn't help the blurryness, it was this misty ;) Thank you!
I've never seen the movie The Others, but this is how I see the picture,
I love how the water between the viewer and the row of houses gives a sense of detachment and other worldliness to the structures. It makes me think that anything could happen once you step onto that bank and if you step through the door, you're completely at 'their' mercy.
Great photo Nelleke, again :)
Anindias606 Nov 18, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
I recognize this place, but i can't figure out where from O.o

obviously its Utrecht, but i cant tell exactly what part, but i know it >.<
Grr... haha
It's near Ledig Erf ;)
Anindias606 Nov 20, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
By the bridge? That explains alot, why i couldn't recognize the bend in the Canal, I wasn't down that way often enough to know it in the fog :P
I really like this photo. I can't tell from where it's taken by looking at it, which I really like because I feel like it focuses on something other thatn being an outright statement. The fog combined with the rich brown yellow and amber colors is also a really nice touch, as most are blue or gray. I can feel myself in the photo..
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